Sunday, April 15, 2012

Review of the Skora Base shoes

I have been lucky enough to start running in Skora running shoes with the Form wrapping around my foot with a very breathable upper. Looking at the shoe immediately I thought to myself that there is no way that the velcro strap will hold my foot for all of the running that I am doing but to my pleasant surprise the strap works in ways I never though of when I first started in them. The top strap seems to flex and move with the foot so well that I have never taken the shoe off to find a bruised upper or anything like that. I can not tell you enough about the fit of the shoe especially through the toe box, I love the room that is provided for your toes to splay and keep you stable. My heel feels so snug and at home in the shoe with the adjustable strap on the outside of the heel. I run completely barefoot, no sock liner or sock or anything for that matter, just a bare foot and I appreciate the sock liner built into the shoe. For anyone who has ever run in other zero-drop or other barefoot you know whether or not the company thought of a sock liner and for most of the other shoes that I have tried it seems to have slipped their mind totally. The Form has a removable insole located in the shoe, when you remove the insole all you feel is a comfortable shoe bottom. I run both trails and road, the pattern on the outsole has been more than enough traction for those nasty, fun, hill climbs and has been stellar for wet road runs. The cap on the toe is very effective when you accidentally kick a stump or something.

The best part of the Form is that it can handle absolutely anything that I can throw at it. I have taken it out and tried beating them down with speed work and still the last thing that was tired were my feet. They felt like they were still fresh and ready to go after I got home and slipped the shoes off. My favorite speed workouts are tempo runs and for the most part they hurt the best when I finish them, this is not the case anymore with the Forms flying on my feet. The shoes are one of the fastest things that I have ever had on my feet, I love having them on so much that each local route has been having the record for it just crushed. This shoe is everything that I have been looking for in a shoe for training on roads, trails, and for racing.

I cannot wait to give the shoes a huge test this coming Saturday in a local race.

Run Real my friends.


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