Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Preparation for the Trail Mix 50K

Yesterday I received a pair of Forms from Skora, a company located in Oregon and a great company all the way to their core principals so if you have some time check them out and let me know what you think, I immediately took the shoes out on a run and was blown away by the fit. I have never loved an upper when I have tried a shoe on. I have always just gone with whats breathable and a strong outsole but you don't have to compromise with the Forms. I am so excited for the race on Saturday to really give them a test and I will of course give a race report as well as a shoe review. 
It was a brisk morning but still a perfect time to head out and get a short trail run in before the race this coming Saturday. I have been cutting down my mileage leading up to the 50K and will continue to taper off the rest of this week, which by the way is very difficult when there is a new pair of amazing shoes calling your name. I am very up in the air as far as which type of hydration I will go with for the run but what I have decided is that I am going to love every minute in my Forms. I will be up early in the morning to have a breakfast of 300-400 calories and pack up my gels for the race. I am a huge peanut butter fan and absolutely love the Gu Peanut Butter gels so I will be fueling up with those on my adventure Saturday. I am planning on giving it my all and so gels and calories are going to be a huge part of my hope full success. Lets hope for some warm weather on Saturday and go out and give your self a treat with an adventure run on Saturday as well.
Run Real My Friends.

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