Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bitter sweet Boston '12

I had qualified for the Boston Marathon this year with my first marathon that I had ever raced last year. It was my first and only marathon for the year and I was so excited that I qualified, I thought I was in for sure. I had plans to go, plans to train and push closer to my goal of 2:30. I did not make the lottery selection and boy is that bitter sweet this time of year. I thought for sure that I would be in Boston eating cream pie and snooping around to meet some of the fastest marathoners in the world. Like I said it was my first marathon and I qualified for Boston so I consider myself very lucky and I realize how special that run is to so many people so in a way I am glad that I didnt get in so that I can learn from this first experience and decide for myself if I want to focus on the marathon or something farther. My goals have changed since than but I am still feeling a little low lately because I am not on a plane to Boston.

Running always seems to be a blessing in disguise and I say that because if I would be running Boston I would have never run in the 50 miler that I just completed or have signed up for any ultra that I have planned this year. I am also glad that I am not heading to Boston right now because I get to race this weekend with my little cousin Blake and my lovely fiance Amy in a fun run down by Lake Harriet. There is nothing better than realizing how lucky you are for being a runner, life changing really. So at the end I would like to say thank you Boston Marathon, you let me down this year but you just wait, one day I will be there to race with the best of them and I will soak in every moment.

Run Real my friends. 

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