Monday, July 9, 2012

My first 10K and preparing for the Cremator.

Hey guys,

     Its been a long while since I have been on my blog to update and I want to let everyone know that I am back and sorry that I have not been keeping everyone in the loop. I have not lost my running but I have lost my connection with why running is important to me. I have found it now so do not worry, I just needed a humbling race to remind me that I am running for the love of being outside and not for the love of medals and winning. Since I last wrote I have won a 5K and raced a 10K where I finished 8th (my first 10K so not too bad but still I was not happy with it.) I ran the Heights Hustle 5K in Columbia Heights, which is where I went to school for most of my freshman year of high school. If was fun to be back in town and racing around the streets, it brought back a lot of memories and I loved that about the run. I took first in that race with a pretty uncontested time of 19:00 and like I said no one there to chase down or even attempt to run away from. I had been at 100 miles for that week when I added that run but during my warm up for the race it opened my eyes like nothing else has, I cramped up. I had just ran around some neighborhoods in my 4 mile warm up and was out on the track doing some stretching and strides to really wake up the legs when all of a sudden my whole right quad went into transformer mode and turned in to a rock. Instantly I was furious with myself, what was I thinking, I have a 50 mile run in a month and I just hurt myself doing a 5K. How stupid was I? I swear, in the next second I was laughing to myself thinking that all things happen for a reason and that I should probably remember that I should smile and be friendly, not ubber competitive. That run helped change my outlook big time and boy was it fun to haul around a rock of a leg for a 5K...... NOT

    Training for the 50 is going really well, but when I think of my training plan it is to simply train through this race and train into my first 100 mile run in South Dakota. Mentally I am beyond tired, I mean last year was 135 degrees off of the pavement and I wont be tapered for the run. How crazy is that? I am going to be running 50 miles in extreme conditions with tired and beat down legs. Oh well, all for a great cause, my first 100 mile belt buckle!

    Now that I have my blog back up and running I will be posting much more often but its just such a nice day right now that I am going to say so long for now and catch me if you can. :)

Run Real

America..... ;)

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